pakistan the land of heros

This is in the honor of those who laid their lives so that we live.i totally salute them.this is special tribute to Pakistan father  is also in army.Pakistan army not only defend Pakistan borders but also stood first in every calamity.History has seen how the soldiers of the Pak army have risen to their towering heights to defend their borders, their land, their deserts, their fertile and rich plains, their water and resources against severe enemy aggression as our heroes succeeded to stop the opponents not allowing them to touch and advance on even an inch of the country, a duty that, the world witnesses, they perform with a complete unwavering faith and courage while attaining immortality as it is stated in the Qur’an “And do not call those who die in the way of Allah as “Dead”, no they are living, only you do not see them. (2:154). The arrival of coffins of our ‘shuhadas’ received by solemn faced colleagues , despite being wrapped in green and white stirring a sentiment of pride and honor, shows the lifeless form of those who had once been the source of utter joy for their loved ones and the vivacious presence of whom was for some, the only reason to be. The immense sorrow displayed by the funeral prayers in muted silence, wreaths of eternally fragrant flowers that accompany them as the comrades and fellow officers bid them the final farewell. Life, unaffected by its grotesque and brutal realms goes on as the people progressively become engrossed in the mundane, day to day rituals. Other sacrifices, however, are equally important while less dramatic do not have a long term and such drastic after effects on the lives of those involved.

No one can, in their pursuits stop and consider the anguish and mental torment endured by the wives, children and parents of those who have been martyred or even the hundreds and thousands of others who wonder everyday if their dear ones would be the next? Uttering a few words of sympathy does not wash away the miseries as none can understand the full measure of what they have been and are still suffering while fighting a never ending battle at the home front as the smooth sailing life boat loses balance and becomes retarded. Millions of such episodes have been witnessed and been forgotten as we move forward.

May Allah success pak army every path


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